Survivors of suicide:
Significant others support group

This group is run by survivors in the Denver area who lost their significant others. Although we are not licensed therapists, our group was started by therapist Jessica Edmonds. She saw a need for a group to support those who lost a significant other to suicide. She recognized that while there are many groups to support suicide loss, there are none specifically for significant other loss.

In this group, we have found that sharing experiences with others who have experienced the same loss can be cathartic and comforting. While we understand that suicide loss of any kind is excruciating, losing a significant other to suicide is a unique form or grief. For this reason, we only allow those who are a significant other to participate.

The logo for our suicide survivor support group in Denver.
WE MEET THE 2ND FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH: 6:30-8:30pm, 3rd Floor Conference Room
One Hope - 5301 S Federal Circle, Littleton, CO 80123
For more information contact Jean Sallee at One Hope at 303-761-8370 or email